child care center

Bryce Thompson was born and raised in Vallejo, California by his two loving parents and big brother. He grew being known for his energy, passion, and enthusiasm in everything he did. From art and making music to singing and playing basketball, Bryce was always going after developing his skills or learning something new. His love for kids started around elementary school when he would hang out at his friend’s house whose Mom ran a day care at her home. Although only a few years older than the kids, he was quick to build friendships and even teach the kids fun games. As he grew up, he met and was influenced by many positive role models in his life and now wants to share what he has leaned. Although Bryce was chasing after his basketball dream followed by a successful career in business, God had other plans and after dedicating his life to Christ, he volunteered at the Blue Ribbon Results Summer Camp during the summer of 2013. That’s when he rekindled his passion for kids and after some training and seeing the impact he can have on the children, he decided to make Child development his Career. He now is a lead teacher and pursuing his Child Development Associate (CDA) credential and looks forward to what God has planned for his future at Blue Ribbon.